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Abstract Fluid Artist, Mixed Media Artist


Digital Content Creator


Designer ( Graphic. Interior, Textile & Fashion)

Life Coach 



Who Am I?



I’m an entreprenuer and self taught artist and this is my full time career. I don’t focus on tools or use conventional tools but focus on color and movement to evoke emotion. Each piece is a reflection of my soul and an extension of who I am. It conveys feelings and emotion that I sometimes (most times) can’t quite express through words. It’s a world in which there are no rules, no judgement, no pressure and no expectation, but rather a world  in which I can express openly and freely and my creativity is limitless.  I can be myself.


Art is a way for me to get lost and roll around in the beautiful chaos around us and inside of me.  Art is also my way of leaving those emotions behind me. I feel it, channel it, create and then walk away although sometimes I tend to go back to add more detail. It’s diverse and complex... but unique and beautiful in its own... It’s my Happy Place




My Inspiration & Motivation?

I am inspired by many things. Emotions and Energy because I experience so many of them in my internal landscape. People I’ve met, places I’ve been to or simply how I am feeling in that moment. When I paint, I paint with my heart and soul, lettingmy emotions flow as I work. Each painting has a part of me in it and always has a deeper meaning. If you look closely, they have a story to tell. 


My motivation comes from me wanting to be the best version of myself. For my family. for other women and young girls who are going through their journey, discovering who they are, realizing their worth and their power, finding their voice and making a positive difference But, most importantly, for myself


Part of the reason I continue to do what is so that I can help empower and uplift women. I believe beauty comes in different forms and there is a profound beauty in every one of us. That’s what makes each and every one of us so unique and special.  That is your power and with the right support, love and  care it can blossom into something so much bigger, so much more beautiful and will keep blossoming. I have come a very long way from mistakes, lessons learnt and breaking down stereotypical, judgmental and indoctrinated barriers. My hope that with myself and my art I can help others do the same, with better tools and knowledge to help them achieve everything they’ve dreamed off.






What I do?



Custom Signature Fine Art 


Home Decor

Scatter cushions, serving trays, boards and coasters


Art Workshops (Theraputic Art, Watercolour, Resin & Acrylic)


Life Coaching


Being YOU is your SUPER POWER 


Don't be afraid to be DIFFERENT, be afraid of being the same as everyone else (unknown)


Don't be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try (Michael Jordan)


Heres to an AMAZING 2020!



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