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    welcome to my whimsical Haven


    My happy place. My sanctuary.


    Hi there... I am Lulu

    Artist, designer, life coach and creative therapy coach


    I guess it’s always been my thing. Colour, fonts, sketching, painting…. and all that it comes with. 


    12 years as a graphics designer, DTP Editor and typographer and 5 years of art being my career, has me babbling about colour ALL day, everyday. Not to mention an OCD on how crooked a canvas is on a wall or if all the elements in a design create a balance! I sound looney... I know!

    Add some Magic and Sparkle to your home


    Custom Signature Fine Art, Islamic Art


    Home Decor

    Scatter cushions, serving trays, boards and coasters


    Art Courses

    Therapeutic Art, Watercolour, Resin & Acrylic


    Life Coaching and Creative Coaching


    I love a creative challenge and interacting. For commissions, custom orders and collabs,

    reach out to me or @lulufiyakhan and connect!

    My passion?... you've already figured that this is my passion.

    To create and inspire, to being authentically me and help other individuals achieve a positive mindset. Be it creating an artwork, designing a brand, coaching a client through their lows and creating a safe space,not just for me, but for everyone. This is why I love what I do.


    I am constantly growing and always learning from things I do, see, hear, people I meet, their stories and experiences, where they started and where they are. Those don’t only teach me something but inspire me.


    Not to forget, making people smile! I LOVE making people smile

    How did I get here?... It was a journey although I will do it again!

    5 years of research, hard work, experiments, failures and learning from my mistakes has helped me define my skill as a designer, creator, life coach and especially as an artist. Through this I discovered what is my style,what mediums and tools, I use or make, to create the piece.


    It took (a whole lot of) Patience, practice, persistence, consistence, and showing up (even in PJs!). This is something I live by everyday and in everything I do. If I had given up, trust me there were times I felt like itand got really frustrated, I would not have been here today.

    Trust the process!!!

    I know its difficult to find inspiration and motivation when having a block. I am my worst critic and can be so harsh on myself. I’ve learnt to allow room for error and lots of fails and go easy on myself.


    I also surround myself with people who remind me why I want to continue going forward,  that share a vision, understanding

    and an importance of empowering, caring and respecting oneself and others, so that I am able to take on the world, give back and help

    them do the same. Having a support system for myself helped me build a foundation that is strong. It is built of friends, family, colleagues, mentors and every version of myself and ofcourse, My Creator! All of them have helped me get where I am today and I will always want it that way. 


    I picture us all as superheroes lol! Cool right? Exactly!

    My hunger and determination to break the stereotypes, social standards (which are so unrealistic) and the need to “fit” in boxes, to "belong" in a society, will never stop.

    I will never understand this madness, I still don’t!

    To be… perfect?! Why? By who? And for who? No one is perfect.


    I am me. I don’t “fit” in or "belong". I’m a little crazy lol and I wouldn’t change it for the world or want to be anyone else. I am the woman I dreamt of being and meant to be.....and here I am doing what I love.


    It wasn’t easy getting here or finding out, “Who am I?”

     It was rough. I took a good 28 years to figure out that one,

    but once I did …. All I can say is I never knew what it is to love ME. With all my flaws and vulnerabilities. The good and the bad.

    It was worth every bit of hardship.


    There is beauty in every one of us and

    it comes in different forms.

    It is what makes us so unique and special. 

    It will blossom into something so much bigger,

    so much more beautiful and will keep blossoming.  


    BE the change you want to see in this world


    Anyhoo... long story short, this is me in a nutshell :)