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    How often have you sat down to create but doesn't end up on paper or being done?

    How many times have you thought of a good idea, but never got around to actually doing it?

    For some reason, each day goes by, and you just don’t get down to it


    Welcome to the Creative Block Club


    What is a creative block?


    Everyone, at some point or another has experienced a creative block. Also known as writer’s block, art block or blank canvas syndrome. A Creative block is when you set out to create, but only get as far as staring at a blank page or vision with no idea of what to make or how to implement it


    It often starts out when you have an incredible amount of motivation, but you stall out when you can’t seem to find the inspiration that’s needed to create. A Creative block isn’t limited to a certain skill set, it happens to everyone from musicians, chefs, illustrators, animators and authors. A Creative block doesn’t discriminate against gender, race, experience or income level. It’s equal in the effects that it causes.


    It's frustrating

    It stops you in your tracks

    and it happens to ALL of us


    How many times has you said to yourself" come on, get off your behind and get it done. It won't happen by you doing nothing"


    But it's not that easy. Sometimes we need more than that to kick start yourself into 6th gear. Sometimes the creative block has gotten too big, too overwhelmiing and more than we can handle for an inner critic or will power to overcome it.



    My creative block and How I work through mine


    When I have mine, it starts with having all these amazing ideas or new styles or techniques that I want to try or even launch and these flood my head and then there is an unrealistic urgency of getting it all done in an unrealistic amount of time, when quite frankly I don't even know where to start or how exactly I'm going to acheive it. 


    I have a chaos of colours going on in my head and just an overall mess and I cannot paint or create anything at all no matter how hard I try. I become overwhelmed because now I have no new content either or it has stopped me altogther from everything that I need to do.


    I work through mine by taking out all my tools and paints, a used canvas and work with colours I am not drawn to or I don't like and paint exactly what I'm seeing. All that mess on my brain. Trust me it is NOT pretty! lol it is UGLY and just catastrophic but this is my way of working through and past a creative block . Only once I do this, can I get back my zen and creativity flowing as one and this is when I have noticed I create a new technique or style and produce my best work


    A creative block can be triggered by so many things and how you work through them is different for each individual.


    These are my 5 common contribiting factors to causing a creative block and how to work through it



    #1 You're Overthinking 


    Your brain is getting in the way of your creativity and you're thinking way too much. You are stuck in your comfort zone and not trying hard enough to step out of it. This is where you're safe so would you want to, right? Your brain is in overtime and you're finding excuses which is stopping you from actually doing it or trying it. 


    How to work though this block:

    Get out of your head and Do something that you haven't done in a while or something different to your normal day in and day out



    Drop everything and walk away from what you're doing. Do it with attitude too. Do something else completely and cool down. Come back to it later or even the next day when you're calmer and more relaxed



    Take a trip to a market, or a scenic drive, a walk to the park, a run or even doing some physical activity that will pump up your adrenaline and endorphins. Getting out of the house and being a new environment can do wonders and bring in new ideas, fresh thoughts and a new perspective



    Yes! A simple change of space can do amazing things to your brain pattern. Changing your workspace around or moving it to a different spot can change the way you've been looking at things



    Read book or novel you've been wanting to read for a while. Be it recreational or educational. Force your mind to change its thought patterns



    Make a bowl of popcorn, some chocolates and watch a movie you've been wanting to watch. Have a night out with friends or stay in and unwind



    Start keeping a journal or diary . Writing or drawing about what is bothering you can help in so many diffferent ways. In this way you are expressing your thoughts and ideas on paper but with no pressure or expectation. It could be a silly doodle or a scribble but it helps. This s something that I absolutely love doing



    #2 Too Emotional


    You are feeling too much and your emotions are now getting in the way of your creativity. This is where you can feel afraid or scared to try out something new becasue of fear of failure or that your best work has already come out and what if this isn't great at all. So you end up leaving it but it's at the back of your mind, wondering if it will be  succcess or not


    How to work though this block:

    Face those fears and uncertainty. It will not make you any less of what you are but only enhance and improve your skill and you can discover something completely new



    Why you create is a powerful motivator. Why did you start in the first place? It wasn't for money or fame or to get peoples approval so remind yourself why you started, why you do what you do and why you love what you do



    Stop trying to force yourself to create so much so that you forget to enjoy it and enjoy the process. Remember that feeling of doing something you love and the happiness it brings you while doing it. Get back into your groove and remind yourself why you enjoy creating 



    This involves taking your mind of being creative at all and just something to get a little lost in and enjoy. Let your mind wonder, day dream and get lost in the activity. This will allow you to recollect and calm down



    Allow yourself to let it ALL out without a technique or style or perfection. Do it without being good at it but get it out!!! This will help break down the barrier and then you can tackle the main cause 



    #3 Your Routine isn't working for you anymore


    Your daily routine is stopping you from creating the way you use to. You get side tracked with other tasks or chores and don't get around to starting or completing your creative piece and the vicious cycle continues. I love working alone, getting lost in it and focussing on what I'm working with at hand but sometimes it's difficult especially when you have a spouse, kids, family and freinds around who require and demand your full attention and time


    How to work though this block:

    Reconstruct your routine and map out something that works for you


    # TIME

    Find the best time to be creative. I'm a night owl so best time fro me is at night. Try out different times during the day to see when you feel most creative and when it comes with ease. Do what is best for YOU



    Once you have found the ideal time to be creative, make it a part of your daily routine and be consistent. Consistency is key. This programes your body and mind when it's time to be creative. This will form a habit and will come with ease and your mind and body will crave for it. You have to put in the effort and commit to it even when you don't feel like it. 



    #4 A Life Change or Trauma


    You could be going through a personal issue in your life and this is preventing you from creating. Be it relationship problems, health problems, a loss or moving house. these changes can disrupt your energy and cause a block. 


    How to work though this block:

    Try to create through this even if you're not wanting to. Often chanelling your emotions and feelings through creativity helps release those emotions through expression. Let them flow



    Letting your creativity flow can be an amazing outlet. Another favourite I love doing. Use your creativity as an outlet when you're feeling overwhelmed with stress and worries. See your creative time as an escape from the world and your worries and as a way to work through them, process them and make some sense of it all


    # LET IT OUT

    Sometimes you need a little extra help working through a difficult time which causes so many disruptions in your emotinal and physcial state. Find someone who you can talk to, whether it is a familty member, a friend, a mentor or a therapist. You might need to work through this issue before attempting to work on the block. Give yourself time to heal and don't be so hard on yourself




    #5 You're Doing Too Much


    You're doing way too much all at once and have too much on your plate. You've taken on too much or commited to more than one thing and they all have deadlines and you are now left with too much to do and too little time which can be very overwhelming. Learn to say NO more often and accept that you can't do everything and you don't have to. Focus on the present and on what you know you can do with ease and complete it before taking on anything more


    How to work though this block:

    You need to cut down and let go of some of the tasks or responsibilities.



    Making a list of all the things you have to do and their deadlines. What do you want to do, what can you do and complete without it adding any strain on you. If it can't be done, pass it on to someone else or ask for assistance. Get rid of the things that you don't want to do or cannot do or no longer allign with you. You will feel more relaxed and a whole load will be off your shoulders. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself.


    # ME TIME

    This is very important and I live by this. Make the time to give yourself some much needed time for self love and self care. Invest in yourself and your wellbeing and put time asside for you to heal, recover and replenish. Do the things that you love and enjoy doing whether alone or with company. You don't want to reach a point of total burn out if it can avoided. I stress this over and over as it is vital to everything you do and want to do. If you're not okay how can you expect everything else to be. it starts with YOU!



    I know that is the most difficult thing to do especially in todays time. Posting on social media and making sure you have content to post. posting so many times per day and at specific times can be very taxing a take a toll on you. So every now and then unplug yourself from the world. Switch off your phone or turn on do not disturd. Stop cheking mails, text massages, phone calls and social media. Go off the grid and let yourself sink into a more free and relaxed creative mindset


    Last but not least, remember to sleep and eat well and know that creative blocks are normal!


    Feeling frustrated with your work and yourself and feeling unable to create and stuck is normal. It happens to the best of us and is a big part of the creative process. Feeling blocked isnt the end of the world or your career and you won't be stuck in it forever. It is a steppingstone to something bigger, something better


    Thinking back, some of my best work and work that are my absolute favourite were created after experincing a creative block. There are times I wanted to quit and throw in the towel and call it  a day. It takes a lot of time, trial and error, patience and allowing yourself to fail and try again in order to create something new and original. Don't let it get you down. Trust in the process


    I hope this helps you overcome your creative block and help you work through them. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, want to work it out together or just to chat.


    Much Love, Lulu

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